Predator Hunting Grounds 87 Predator Skin DLC Code Download

Get the Predator Hunting Grounds 87 Predator Skin DLC code for free to activate the game on your PlayStation 4 and PC. If you have any doubt feel free to contact us.

Predator Hunting Grounds 87 Predator Skin DLC Code

Predator Hunting Grounds Review

Really fun when playing with 4 other friends! Can lead to intense battles when waiting for extraction. It’s still fun playing with random people but it doesn’t match playing with friends. It has some cool customization items, but feel there could have been some more interesting and exotic looking ones. But I’m sure in the near future with more content updates we will see more. Right the matchmaking time is horrible. I waited for like 20 mins to play the Predator. And till now I didn’t get to play the predator.
It’s impossible to get a match with the Predator.

They could have done something different like offline matches with AI. I knew this would happy cos almost half civilization wants to use the predator. No surprises there. first things first… this isn’t a triple-A game. With that being said it’s definitely worth a purchase if you’re a fan of the franchise. Does is it have issues? Yes. Do things maybe need more patches? Yes. But it’s still fun especially if you enjoy Friday the 13th and dead by daylight as I did. In time the developers will fix the server wait times and with the future DLC content and fox giving them the okay to use the franchise, this is fantastic for what it is. Amazingly fun game, played several matches already, up to level 10. Predator scares the CRAP out of me when he comes after me, I run as fast as I can. The trophy collecting animation after he kills you is AWESOME! Will be playing this game for a while!

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